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About Us

Grociore is online e-commerce store, we give our services within Jamshedpur (East Singhbhum) region. We provide and supply fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Rice and Dals, Spices and Seasonings to Packaged products, Beverages, Personal care products, Meats, we have all your daily needs product for home and offices.Choose from a wide range of options in every category, exclusively handpicked to help you find the best quality available at the affordable lowest market price. (Visit our website for list of products and latest price).

Grociore knows the value of your money and time, we just provide our services at your doorstep with minimum charges to just save your valuable time and keep you away from the drudgery of shopping, traffic problems, standing in queues, loading & unloading heavy bags. Be relax and just order all your needs by some clicking and enjoy all your time with your family and friends.

Grociore insure that all your order must be at your doorstep within hours not days, or at your comfortable convenient time provided by you. Our tag line “pay less get rest” denotes that we provide our product & service at minimum market price, we ensure our customer that product supply to you a good quality, fresh and safe product.

Grociore provide you 3 option to place your order.

1.       Through our website: www.

2.       Through android app

3.       Through whatsApp